Specialist Counsellors

At Peninsular Psychology we employ highly trained psychologists and social workers from a range of areas, including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, organisational psychology, sport psychology. With such a variety of highly qualified specialists under one roof you will find a psychologist to help.


Renee Napier Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist 
Specialty:Anxiety / Depression; Personality Disorders; Trauma; Sexuality; Panic Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;
Legal Assessments
Population Group: Adults; Women; Gay and Lesbian
Dr Kymbra Clayton Psychologist
Specialty: Victims of Crime
Population Group: Children, Older People, Gay & Lesbian
Nicki Klausen Psychologist
Specialty: Depression / Anxiety; Post Natal Depression; Grief and Loss; Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder; Disability; Panic Disorder
Population Group: Adults; Women; Children, Youth
Nicola Monger Psychologist
: Depression ./ Anxiety; Panic Disorder; Trauma; Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder; Grief and Loss; Stubstance; Work Issues
Population Group: Adults
Jane Breen Psychologist
Specialty: Anxiety/Depression, Bereavement, Pain Management, Sleep Problems, PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Alcoholic & other Drug use Disorders, Co-occurring Anxiety & Depression, Sexual Abuse.
Population Group: Adults, Young Adults
Kim Donohoe Psychologist
Specialty: Disability