Legal Reports

Renee Napier is a qualified Forensic Psychologist. This means she is a Psychologist who specializes in all legal matters and is recognized as an expert in court.
Legal reports are used for a number of purposes. They are used for presentence reports in criminal matters, for custody matters and for civil courts.

She has experience and training with a variety of legal issues and can provide services related to: 

Sex offender risk assessments
Pre-sentence reports
Parenting capacity
Competency to stand trail

These reports are always fair and independent. They are always defensible under cross examination. They are based on a thorough interview, all available documentation and comprehensive psychological testing.  Methods used are well validated and widely accepted.

Please contact us on (02) 43443594  or email us at  to discuss the preparation of a court report.  Alternatively contact your legal representative for a referral.