Fees and Rebates

The Australian Psychological Society recommends psychologists charge $200 per hour. We understand that that fee is beyond the reach of many of our clients. Instead we charge:

$180 per hour after hours, Clinical Psychologist
$170 per hour business hours, Clinical Psychologist

$130 per hour after hours, Psychologist
$120 per hour business hours, Psychologist

Many, many clients will be eligible for subsidies. Medicare now provides a $124.50 rebate  for Clinical Psychologist and $84.80 for Psychologists. That leaves around thirty dollars each session.  First make an appointment with your doctor who will organize a referral if it is appropriate.

In addition, we are registered providers for the Better Outcomes in Mental Health Scheme, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Vietnam veterans, NSW Victims of Crime. These are generally fully funded services, making our appointments free to suitable clients.

We are also registered with many private health funds, so clients can claim a portion of costs.

Please contact us on 43443594 or renee_napier@peninsularpsychology.com to speak with us about payment options. We usually find a way!!!